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TClinic: Streamlining Clinic Management with Comprehensive Software Solutions

Discover TClinic, a powerful clinic management software designed to enhance efficiency and organization in healthcare facilities, providing an integrated platform for appointment scheduling, patient data management, and telemedicine capabilities.

Country MENA
Working Since 2020
Team Size 6 Members
Core Tech Docker, Express, Gitlab CI, MongoDB, Nodejs, React, Redux, zeplin
Problem: Streamlining clinic management, appointments, and patient data organization for healthcare professionals.

Solution: TClinic Management Software (CIS), an all-in-one platform for clinic admissions, patient records, and appointment scheduling.

Services: Clinic Admissions Management, Appointment Scheduling, Patient Data Organization, Customizable Medical History Forms, Telemedicine Integration

Tech: Web & Mobile App Development, Data Management & Security, User Interface Design

Key Successes: Improved efficiency in clinic management, enhanced patient data accessibility for physicians, better appointment organization, and facilitated telemedicine capabilities.